Jurisics Castle


Jurisics Castle is situated in the historic city centre of Kőszeg, only a few minute walk from Jurisics Square and the Fő (Main) square. The castle was named after Nikola Jurišić, its most famous defender.

The oldest part of Kőszeg’s Alsóvár (Lower Castle) was built in the 13th century.

The originally Gothic inner castle was later enlarged. The building was renewed in Baroque and Renaissance style, and served as a castle for the lords. Its double-moated structure can be recognized even these days.

The building of the outer castles served mostly agricultural purposes, there was a shed, a stable, and the guards’ house. Originally a footplate led from the outer castle’s yard to the inner castle. This was demolished and replaced by a brick bridge. In the northern part of the castle Gothic frescos were preserved. There are Renaissance paintings and sgrafittos around the windows.

The castle was named after Miklós Jurisics, who was the captain of the castle when the Hungarian army managed to stop the Turkish troops, who planned to lay a siege on Vienna. Jurisics and his small army repelled 19 sieges altogether.  According to the legend, the bells at 11 o’clock commemorate the last Turkish soldier leaving the town.


„The Centuries of Kőszeg Castle” – permanent exhibition

 The Esterházy family managed to keep the castle for the longest time, for 236 years, so the castle is often called Esterházy Castle as well.  The „Centuries of Kőszeg” permanent exhibition of the Town Museum is hosted in the southern and south-eastern wings of the castle. The rooms show the history of the castle and the town in the following order:

1. Castles of Kőszeg from the Age of the  Árpád dynasty.

2. Kőszeg in the 15th century.

3. Conflict of great powers of Europe in the 15th century.

4. The invasion of Suleiman II in 1532, Siege of Kőszeg

5. The pledgees of Kőszeg

6. The Esterházy Family

The current temporary exhibitions:

-The Crown room, which shows the  connection between the Hungarian crown and Kőszeg.

-The Golden Room presents a book about the drawings of the  new grape sprouts from the past few centuries. Guests are introduced to the customs held on the day of Saint George.

-The graphics of Győző Somogyi, which show the evolution of weapons and military costumes, are exhibited in the Renaissance corridor.

Other attractions at the Jurisics Castle:

-An exhibition called „Table of a local lord and his kitchen” introduces the gastronomy of the 12th-16th century.

-In the Weapon Storage weapons and costumes of the Medieval times are introduced.

-In the Knights’ room films about the history of the town and the castle are screened.

-The exhibition of the artworks of Győző Somogyi, titled „Portraits of the History”, shows the faces of 100 famous military persons and tells the story of their lives.

-In the Chapel of the Castle there is a lapidary.

-The Western towers of the castle is open for the visitors to enjoy a spectacular view not only to the historic town center, but also to the surrounding hills the lookout towers like Óház Lookout tower, Szultán Lookout tower or to Kálvária Church.

-On the ground floor there is a playi corner, archery place and a playground to entertain the little ones.

-The visitors have the opportunity to copy a particular building of the castle by using frottage technique.

-Beside the exhibition, a Museum Shop, a buffet and a herb garden welcomes the guests.

Families and groups can participate in a game called „Vármustra” (fun quiz to explore the castle) for free.

At the cashier desk families have the opportunity to rent costumes to visit the castle a unique way. The youngest guests can play castle building games and enjoy coloring books. 


9730 Kőszeg, Rajnis utca 9.