Óház Lookout Tower

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The lookout tower is situated on Óház Peak (609 m), the former place of the Upper-Castle (Felsővár) from the 13th century. It provides a breathtaking view to the city, and in clear weather it is possible to see the Bratislava hills, Ság and Somló hills, Lake Fertő, or the snowcap of Schneeberg. 

The district of today’s Burgenland, together with Kőszeg, was an important military field from the 12th-13th centuries, due to the continuous German attacks. Stone castles were built in the Kőszeg Hills. The one, situated on the Óház Peak, the Óvár (Alte-Haus, ‘Old Castle’) or Felsővár (‘Upper Castle’) was the biggest of these. This was built by the Earls of Kőszeg. The exact date of its opening is unknown, but written sources prove that it already existed in 1248, when Béla IV, the Hungarian King regained it from the Prince of Austria. In this document the place is mentioned as „Castrum Kuszug” (1248).

After the discovery of the basement of the gates’ bastion and the hosting bastions, in the year of the mille centenary the town built a 15 m high lookout tower. This tower is also a main tourist attraction, and can be reached by a nice walk from Kőszeg.

The reconstructions plan of Kőszeg-Óház: