Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt


The hilly land of Alpokalja is called Bucklige Welt (Humpbacked Land) in German. Kisrschlag is situated in this beautiful landscape, only 30 km from its center, Kőszeg. The settlement was chosen to be the Most Beautiful Town of Austria in 2010. Kirschlag is famous for its romantic, medieval castle ruins. 

The settlement, situated on the historical border of Hungary (today Downer-Austria and Burgenland) was first mentioned in 1246 as „Castum Kryslag”. The fortress above the town was the home of proud noble families. During the centuries it served a very important role in protecting the borders. It survived a plenty of Hungarian sieges. At the end it was destroyed by the Turkish army in 1683, when the town lost its importance.

Crossing the nice, green forest, the remains of the fortress are situated on a top, making it a popular tourist destination. The calm ambience of the ruins carries away anyone. Built on a rock, the squared Öregtorony (Old Tower) provides a nice view to the surrounding hills, forests, and meadows.

The town provides cultural and culinary experience too. It is worth to visit the local pubs, and visit another attraction of Kirschlag, the church, which has a Gothic aisle, built by King Matthias. This is called „Ungarische Kirche” (Hungarian Church).