Írottkő Lookout Tower

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Írottkő Lookout Tower is situated in the Kőszeg Hills, on the highest point of Western Hungary and Burgerland providing a magnificent view to the area.

Írottkő lookout tower (883 m) is one of the main attractions of the Kőszeg Hills. The border of the country crosses it. The entrance is on the Austrian side. It was built in 1891. The original wooden building was rebuilt of stone. After the change in the political system the border was opened, and the building could welcome visitors again.

Stepping on the top, we can enjoy a beautiful view. It is possible to see the surrounding Austrian hills, and the former line of the „Iron Curtain”, which is signed by a newly grown willow line, which clearly differs from its environment. In clean weather conditions even Lake Fertő and Lake Balaton are visible, so as the Schneeber-Rax tops in Austria.