Keresztkúti Erdei Pihenőhely

Guest house Accommodation

The Keresztkúti Lodge can be found at the foot of the Alps, in the heart of the Kőszeg Mountains surrounded by untouched woods. 

The lodge is on the Austrian slopes of Kőszeg Mountains, close to the Hungarian border. This location is ideal for those who wish to relax in the tranquillity of nature, far from modern life.

It is recommended for couples, families, and friends and also for companies' team-building trainings. 

The lodge is refurbished but still carries the mystic atmosphere of the former Iron Curtain and Border Barracks with its enormous hall, open fireplace (ex-stables) and wine-cellar (which used to be an ammunition depot).

The surroundings are ideal for trips to the mountains, but within the lodge’s area visitors can also meet all sorts of wildlife including hedgehogs, game, owls, wild birds. Residents of the park are birds, rabbits and sheep.

Facilities include a forest chapel, playground, pond with fish and water plants, a petting zoo, a birdhouse, and an open-air grill and barbecue place. The lodge can provide a unique environment for many occasions, including: 20-100-guest weddings, dance parties, open-air cooking parties, pig-roasting parties, company events and much more.


9730 Kőszeg, Keresztkúti Pihenőhely
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