Town Hall


The Town Hall on Jurisics Square is the oldest building, which has been functioning as a town hall continuously since 14th century.

The Town Hall building has characteristics of many different architectural styles. It has gothic windows, Renaissance walls, a Baroque coat-of-arms, Ionic columns, and a Classical gate.

There are three coat-of-arms on its facade. To the left there is the Baronial coat-of-arms of Miklós Jurisics, which was given to him by Emperor Ferdinand I after the siege of Kőszeg in 1553. To the right there is the town's coat-of-arms given by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III in 1446. The one in the middle is the Hungarian coat-of-arms with the Holy Crown on the top.

The murals on the facade are from the 20th century and depict Patrona Hungariae and King Stephen I. The Austrian coat-of-arms used to be in their place, but it was lime washed after the Second World War.


9730 Kőszeg, Jurisics tér 8.