Heroes' Gate


The gate, situated on Jurisics Square, was built in 1932 and soon became one of the town’s emblems. From its top it provides a marvellous view over the mountains and the Old Town.

On the spot of today’s Heroes’ Gate (or Heroes’ Tower), there was originally the town’s most important entrance called the Southern Gate or Lower Tower, which was built in the 14th century. This was torn down in 1880 and on the 400th anniversary of the Siege of Kőszeg was replaced by the current tower.

The tower got its name from the plaques on its side commemorating the fallen victims of Turkish wars and the First World War. Flóris Opaterny designed the 27-meter high tower in eclectic style. There is a panorama terrace enabling its visitors to admire the view of Kőszeg’s city centre and of the hills surrounding Kőszeg.


9730 Kőszeg, Jurisics tér


Panorama terrace