The sycamore tree of Kőszeg


It is one of the biggest and oldest sycamore maples in the country. Its estimated age ranges from 200 up to 500 years.

The tree has been under Conservation Trust protection since 1960. It's rare to find a tree this big and old in the heart of a historic city centre. It can be found in a tranquil environment in Béke Street, behind the fire station in the former Unger garden. The tree is 28 metres tall and its trunk's perimeter is about 9 metres.

Urban legend says that the students of the 350-year old grammar school and of the former military high school visited the tree before their important exams (e.g.: mature exam). They put down their books and took a rest by its trunk thus (as the Hungarian saying goes) „knowledge flew to their brains".


9730 Kőszeg, Béke utca