Heart of Jesus Church

Sights Church

The most remarkable building on the Fő (Main) Square is the Heart of Jesus Church built between 1892-1894 in Neo-Gothic style by Ludwig Schöne Wiener architect’s plans. It is the tallest building in Kőszeg with its 57-meter tower.

János Győri, parish priest, left a big part of his wealth for the building of a new church in Kőszeg in the mid-1880s. After collecting more money at the end of the 1880s, his descendants purchased the three buildings on the spot of today’s church (including the Arany Korona – Golden Crown – Inn). Construction began in 1892 and finished in 1894.

The interior of the triple-aisle building is marvellous due to its polychrome ceiling, columns and walls. For the painting of the interior, 10.000 egg yolks were used as adhesives. The church has very impressive painted glass windows and a very valuable Rieger organ from 1893. Visitors can listen to the modernized version of Händle’s Saul.


9730 Kőszeg, Győry János utca 1.