Siege Days of Kőszeg


On the first weekend of August, Kőszeg sends its guests back to the 1532, when the Turkish troops laid siege on the Castle of Kőszeg. The atmosphere of the era is recalled by a spectacular program, which provides entertainment to all audiences.

The defining event of Kőszeg's history, the Turkish battle of 1532, is well known all over the country. The siege began at the beginning of August in 1532. Miklós Jurisics and his small army managed to repel the Turkish, despite of their dominance in battle. This saved Vienna from their attack.

During the event, volunteers, local firemen, nationality groups of Kőszeg and the nearby villages, and, nowadays, even foreign guests, dress in costumes to reenact the siege of the castle.

The interactive event guarantees that everybody experiences the medieval atmosphere of the town.

During the weekend dances, musicians and other performers entertain the guests. On the streets of the town tradesmen and wine makers sell their products.