Days of Saint George and The Book of the „Grape’s Coming"


The tradition of drawing the new sprouts of grape to a book called „A szőlő jövésének könyve” (The Book of the „Grape’s Coming") stands alone in the world. The custom started in 1740. Since then, the new sprouts are collected on the Day of Saint George (24th April). During the centuries, this has grown to a town-wide festival.

The wine making of Kőszeg has a centuries-long past. In 1279 Iván and Miklós Earls of Kőszeg wanted to divide their properties, and they made a contract about their grape plantations and cellars as well. At the Anjou times, beside Bratislava (Pozsony) and Sopron, Kőszeg was one of the most significant wine exporters of the country. They grew grapes on 300-400 acres, and this was the main income source of the settlement.

The document, started in 1740 is the most important memory of the wine trade of the town. In this the wine sprouts (the „coming”) is drawn every year. Some of the fresh sprouts are cut, introduced to the Mayor and as a celebration combined with wine-tasting, are drawn into the book.